CORE Testimonials:

“As a retired physical therapist in my 60s, I realize the importance of strong core muscles and stretching to minimize pain and maintain balance and health as I age. Pilates is helping me reach my fitness goals with weekly one on one sessions with Valerie as my instructor. Her personal attention and expert guidance in proper techniques has been invaluable to me. Her calm speech and genuine concern make her a unique coach! I leave each session energized and happier body, mind, and soul.”

-Tricia Jacob

“Valerie is an outstanding Pilates instructor. I have been working with her since 2016. I have definitely noticed a huge change in my body over these past two years regarding core strength, flexibility, and overall shape. I really appreciate the care and time she puts into planning for our sessions. She always has new, challenging routines each week. Every session is fun, interesting, and above all, worth it! I am extremely thankful to have found Pilates and Valerie!!!”

 – Missy

“Valerie has been my teacher for a year now, and I have had a private class with her twice a week. I am almost 50 years old. The thing I like about Pilates generally (having taken classes for years in a variety of settings) is the efficiency: there is no wasted movement and there is always something to work on improving. Taking private lessons with Valerie is efficient x100. Sometimes I try to cheat or do half of an exercise, and Valerie always gently corrects me, which lets me know she is watching everything I do. After a lesson with Valerie, I know that my joints are all in working order, I feel taller, in control of my muscles, and my abdomen feels tighter. She is a delightful person and pleasure to work with.”

– Sharon Seward  

“I have been working with Valerie for almost 2 years. I tried almost every studio in Richmond before finding her. She is absolutely wonderful and talented. She got me into the best shape of my life. When I got pregnant she created a prenatal program and once I had the baby she made a postnatal program. Her approach is holistic and tailored to the individual. I recommend her to any age/physical ability person looking to explore the range of pilates.”

– Jenny Salluzzo

“Two years ago I began pilates with Valerie. When I started I was stiff all over. Even though I have issues with my back Valerie instructed with care and always conscious of my problem. She is enthusiastic, full of energy, encouraging, a perfect coach to make you want to do more. Two years later, all my joints are flexible, have no stiffness, can move my body, bent and touch the floor with my fingers. Before I did not like physical exercise, now I cannot wait to go to my pilates session to stretch, to exercise, to move my body. She is the best coach ever! ”

– Mary Dessypris 

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